Welcome to Underley Garden

Our Principal Ann Henderson gives you an insight into what Underley Garden is all about.

Holly Tree love to sing!

Over the summer Holly Tree, learn a new song and loved performing it.


Underley Garden Young Reporters

Over the Summer term our young people have been working with a film producer to creating some amazing videos.

Underley Garden Young Reporters

Here is Orchard’s episode of Underley TV.

Underley Garden Young Reporters

In this episode of Underley TV we visit George’s Cafe.

Underley Garden Young Reporters

Upper School report for Underley TV.

Underley Garden Young Reporters

Here from Kevin in this episode of Underley TV.

Underley Garden Young Reporters

Niall really enjoyed being part of Underley TV.

Underley Garden School: Education

At Underley Garden School we believe that we all have the potential to learn from everything we do and we believe that learning gives people the opportunity to ‘be all that they can be’. We know that all learning must be outcomes focused if it is to be effective. We view the core purpose of education as developing in every young person the capacity to live a fulfilling life and to help others to do so.

‘Hexcopter’ buzz over Underley Garden School

There was a real buzz of excitement at Underley Garden School with the arrival of the prototype “Hex-copter”. The radio controlled flying video camera was being trialled to take aerial footage of the school to show it’s beautiful rural location on the edge of the Lake District. From the air, you can identify the school as a real community.

Holly Trees

Holly Trees is the primary provision at Underley Garden School,  and it’s success centres on ensuring its pupils are happy and able to progress and enjoy success through an appropriate learning environment. Find out more about the specialist education it offers…


Holly Trees: Our Pupils

Holly Trees is the primary provision at Underley Garden School and pupils are taught in classes most appropriate to their individual need. The Head of School, April Boyd, guides viewers through the classes : explaining the strategies behind the extraordinary outcomes and success stories for pupils with a range of special needs, including communication difficulties, autism, ADHD and more complex conditions….

Charlotte’s Story: Making the right decision for your child

Charlotte has severe learning difficulties and is unable to talk because of a rare chromosome syndrome known as Idic15. Her family talk of her extraordinary progress since they took the difficult decision to accept a residential education place at Holly Trees, the primary provision at Underley Garden School. Her parents talk of the wrench behind their decision, but how, after only a matter of months, they know it was the right decision for Charlotte and the rest of the family.

Charlotte’s Story: Progress at Underley Garden

Charlotte’s Story: From a Grandparents’ perspective

Matthew’s Story

When Matthew’s Mum was widowed suddenly, her world turned upside down. Overwhelmed with her own grief, she also had to try to explain to her teenage son Matthew that his Dad was never coming home.  Matthew has severe learning & communication difficulties and autism and without his father, his anxieties increased and his behaviour became irrational and sometimes violent.     Now, after securing a residential education place at Underley Garden, they are both rebuilding their lives successfully. Matthew’s Mum describes Underley Garden as finding “the jewel in the crown” and says she has taken immense comfort from knowing that Matthew is safe, happy and making progress she never dreamt was possible….with the professional staff she calls “our second family”

Staff Testimonials

Staff at Underley Garden talk about the professional rewards of their work, teaching and caring for some of the most vulnerable children in the UK.

Orchard Young People

The wonderful young people in Orchard School, at Underley Garden, have made this beautiful video for their loved ones to put a smile on their faces. Due to Covid-19, they aren’t able to see one another at the moment!

Mental Health Awareness Week

In the run up to Mental Health Awareness Week; Underley Garden have been looking at what makes us happy and supports our mental health. We wanted to give people some ideas on what they could do which may help them in their times of need. There were lots of different ideas but here is just a few… #kindness