Underley Garden charity event – ‘Making a Difference’

During our life skills lessons we have been following the theme of ‘making a Difference’.  Our learners were asked to research a charity, which was personal to them. We researched some fantastic causes and in order to choose which charity we would be supporting this half term, we participated in a class election. Joe won, with a fab candidacy speech and so we have campaigned for Cancer Research. He decided that a sponsored walk would be a good way to raise money, and set his target at £75. All of Post 16 supported Joe in walking 20 miles on the school drive over the week and Joe soon saw his target of £75 not only met, but smashed within the first few days. As the week and the miles rolled on, more and more support came in from school, family and friends as they all saw how hard Joe was working. Joes fundraising culminated with the summer fete, which was a great success, seeing the whole school come together to support the cause. Unbelievably, taking in the money raised with the walk, through Class HM’s Ice cream making and the fete, the final amount was £600!

This is a credit to Joe, his peers and the wider school community. What a support network! Well done everyone.