Sports Day for Adult Services

The staff at Underley Garden put together a sports day for our young adults.  This consisted of many of the famous events we all love to watch.  We had Javelin with swimming floats.  An assault course.  the old classic egg and spoon race and many more events to be enjoyed.  The adults all had an amazing time and really got involved with encouragement from there top notch staff. SC was the winner of the javelin.  With LK conquering the beanbag and spoon.  AC motivating everyone with his uplifting personality.  This made for a really good afternoon.  This was finished off with everyone eating lunch together outside enjoying the sunshine and pizza.  I think the pictures speak for themselves when you see the expressions on everyone’s faces.  We as a team are really proud of how well our young adults are continuing to develop as awesome and intelligent young men, they make us proud everyday.