Remembrance Day 2021

Everyone at Underley Garden has been busy learning about the First World War and the impact on the people that lived through this historical event. As well as selling poppies; we have created our own poppies, all reflecting our young people’s unique, creative, flair and style. They used recycled items and organic natural resources found in the beautiful grounds of our school.

The young people have learnt about all aspects of the Great War; such as the war horses, war pigeons and soldier’s lives etc. In Creative Art’s everyone has enjoyed the music, art and fashion of the time. Everyone has enjoyed the displays, pictures and WW soldier’s silhouettes.

On Thursday 11th November; members of the Student Council elected four representatives to meet with Navy Veteran Alan Day and a Town Councillor to take part in the National Celebration to pay our respects, lay a wreath and be part of the local community as well as participate in the national 2 minute silence.

The Remembrance Service in Kirkby Lonsdale is a much anticipated community event that the young people at Underley Garden always enjoy participating in.