Light Up The Night 2021

After a year of uncertainty our Young People and Staff agreed our annual light up show had to represent something meaningful to everyone in our community here at Underley Garden. Everyone decided we wanted to say a big thank you to the NHS for everything they have done and are continuing to do for everyone in the country. Every Young Person made a lantern in a colour from the rainbow in a medium of their choice encompassing diversity, visual, kinesthetic, holistic and personal choice.

In Holly Trees classes the  Young People recycled old water bottles and used flour and water glue to stick on tissue paper and painted them, finishing off with glitter. They also made lanterns out of different colour paper and designed patterns on them. PM followed a YouTube tutorial video on how to create their own paper lanterns, cutting folding and sticking them together to make a lantern shape. Other classes decorated theirs all independently and enjoyed exploring different materials to use on their lanterns. The children engaged well in making lanterns for Chinese New Year in Outdoor Education. They made the lanterns with willow tying them together with string and decorating the structure with tissue paper. Also, some of the children wrapped plastic bottles with tissue paper.

In Post 16 classes they all made lanterns in outdoor education, they collected sticks and made their frames from them they then did paper mashie around them. They all recycled water bottles and cut the top open and used it for the candle base

We lit the lanterns to show case a beautiful rainbow with twinkly lights.

Thank you to everyone in the NHS!