Integrated working in action

Underley Garden never shuts during the holiday period.  It is always challenging to keep children occupied and busy during the school holidays for any family.  When you are entertaining 37 children it is especially so.  Add to this the lock down and travel ban due to Coronavirus and high levels of absence due to staff self isolating and we knew we had our work cut out.

Underley never shy away from a challenge. Our education and therapy team spent many hours planning and delivering a holiday club at school when they usually take holidays themselves. We made sure we sneaked in lots of targeted therapy and learning into the games and activities too. I know how much the care team have valued the support they have received during this difficult period – INTEGRATED WORKING IN ACTION.

The young people have also been learning about the Coronavirus through multi media including social stories, visuals and books.

Two of our post 16 students developed a banner to be displayed in our local hospital so that the nurses and doctors know we are thinking of them.

This was delivered today by one of our care team on their way home (pictured below).

Thanks to a very hard working care, education and therapy team for all their endless hours of hard work in making the Easter Lockdown a success for our young people. The whole team are amazing.