Speech and Language Therapy


Speech and language therapy is concerned with the management of disorders of speech, language, communication and swallowing in children and adults. Speech and language therapists (SALTs) are allied health professionals. They work closely with parents, carers and other professionals such as teachers, nurses, occupational therapists and doctors (Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, 2014).

In line with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, at Underley Garden we:

  • Support children and young people, teaching staff, parents and care workers with appropriate information and skills around speech, language and communication
  • Enhance and adapt environments in respect of communication
  • Skill the workforce to promote and develop speech, language and communication skills
  • Provide appropriate intervention in the most appropriate context relative to need


Speech and Language Therapists support a variety of targets, including:

  • Developing joint attention and participation
  • Extending attention
  • Working on group attention
  • Turn-taking skills
  • Functional use of alternative and augmentative communication
  • Developing single word vocabulary
  • Increasing levels of receptive language
  • Extending expressive use of language
  • Developing functional contextual language
  • Extending social communication skills
  • Using visually supported language
  • Extending sentence construction
  • Developing use of grammar

Underley Garden Ashleigh Moses Speech & Language Therapist