The psychology team provide psychology support to young people and staff (care and education). This includes consulting on the needs of prospective young people who may attend the school, completing initial outcome measures, completing assessments of emotional well-being and resilience and assessing achievement in learning of all new young people when they arrive to inform individual learning programmes.

Individual support is provided for some young people using a variety of psychological approaches as appropriate. Individual and small group consultation and support for small groups of staff is also provided as well as advice to staff on policy and whole school initiatives. The work of the psychology team is embedded in and one part of the overall work of the school. Therefore effectiveness is monitored on an ongoing basis through regularly reviewing young people’s progress.

The psychology team support a range of targets, including:

  • Developing effective learning skills
  • Ensuring that young people achieve their full potential
  • Ensuring that young people achieve the skills that they need to be as independent as possible
  • Developing skills in understanding and managing emotions
  • Improving resilience

Meet the team

Dr. Joanna Simm

  • Works at Underley Garden one day each week
  • Doctor of Educational Psychology • PGCE (Mathematics 11-18)
  • BSC Psychology and Mathematics joint honours
  • Works in other specialist provisions and mainstream schools
  • Has worked at Underley Garden since 2014
  • Educational Psychologist since 2000

Dr. Jonathan Middleton

  • Works at Underley Garden for half a day each week
  • Consultant Educational Psychologist
  • Managing Director of Middleton Psychology Limited
  • Previously Principal Educational Psychologist, Assistant Director of Children’s Services in St Helens
  • Has worked at Underley Garden since 2008
  • BAHons, BSCHons, PGCE, DocEdPsych, MSc, AfBPS, Consultant Psychologist

Dr. Nicola Kennelly

  • Works at Underley Garden for half a day each week
  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology
  • Independent Clinical Psychologist who had almost 25 years of working in the NHS
  • Special areas of interest have been in attachment and neurodevelopmental diagnoses
  • Worked in two Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) teams where she had leadership for autism spectrum disorders and worked remotely with child development and multi-agency assessment teams
  • Has also worked for the Cumbria Adult Autism Assessment Team.
  • Has worked in schools with children with learning disabilities, in residential schools with looked after children, in a child development centre, and with children with physical health conditions such as diabetes and those with unexplained medical conditions (e.g. chronic pain, fatigue).

Underley Garden - Dr Johnathan Middleton - Educational & Child Psychologist

Underley Garden - Dr Jo Simm - Educational Psychologist