Learning Disability Nursing

Learning disability nurses care for people of all ages with a learning disability. They promote the individuality, independence, rights, choice and social inclusion of people with learning disabilities and highlight their strengths and abilities at all times while encouraging others do the same. Learning disability nurses champion that people with learning disabilities are full and equal citizens, optimising their health and wellbeing and promoting their safety.

Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) 2014

In line with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, at Underley Garden we:

  • Use a full range of person-centred alternative and augmentative communication strategies and skills to build partnerships and therapeutic relationships with the children and young people in our care
  • Ensure all children and young people reach their optimum health and well-being by facilitating their equal access to all health, social care and specialist services
  • Provide direct nursing intervention and practical support to meet the essential and complex physical and mental health needs of the young people in our care
  • Use a structured approach to assess, communicate with, interpret and respond therapeutically to the children and young people who have complex physical and psychological health needs or those in behavioural distress
  • Recognise and respond therapeutically to the complex behaviour that the child or young person may use as a means of communication
  • Work in partnership with the young people, their families, carers, teaching staff and other professionals involved to ensure continuity of care