Health & Therapy at Underley Garden

A professional team of on-site and consultant therapists and medical professionals.

Our Health & Therapy team at Underley Garden comprises of Educational Psychologists, a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Speech and Language Therapists, Learning Disability Nurses and Occupational Therapists. This team work closely together and in collaboration with school and care staff, parents and other professionals to provide a holistic approach to interventions.

Therapy targets are integrated into the school day and into the children’s home and embedded into their personalised learning curriculums.


Health and Therapy Services at Underley Garden (Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Educational Psychology and Learning Disability Nursing) enable children and young people to achieve:

  • Well-being and supporting greatest quality of life
  • Greatest potential in engagement and enablement in daily occupations e.g. school
  • Encouraging empowerment in managing lifelong and acute conditions
  • Reduction of the impact of impairment (as far as possible)

In doing this we promote:

  • Greater understanding of impairment and related difficulties
  • Adaptation of the environment and provision of equipment, tools, strategies to support participation in activity
  • Greater life chances, impacting on better long term outcomes for children and young people at Underley Garden

Our aims are based on the International Classification of Functioning (World Health Organisation, 2015). As health professionals we are bound by codes of ethics and professional standards, which mean we strive to ensure our interventions are of the highest calibre, rigorously evidence based and in no way create any harm or distress to the child or young person.