Jimmy’s Story

“Underley has given us peace of mind…we can stop worrying about his future now, because we know he has one.” Jimmy’s Mum


Caiden’s Story

“We are a family again. It’s been an absolutely amazing transformation. Since he has been at Underley we have a completely different child at home.” Caiden’s Mum


Jon’s Story

“We’ve noticed a big difference in six months since he started. It is massive progress for Jon.” Jon’s Mum


James’ Story

“His social worker had never seen him smile until he went to Underley Garden.  It’s just been fantastic for him.”  James’ Mum


Mark’s Story

“I honestly believe that Underley Garden has the best interests of the children at heart and they go that extra mile for them. It is unique.”  Mark’s Mum


Fiona’s Story

“I could see right from the start that she was happy to go to school, she hadn’t been there very long when she told me ‘Underley Garden is the school for me.'” Fiona’s Mum


Stuart’s Story

“Stuart’s happy and it means the rest of the family is happy.”  Stuart’s Mum


Niall’s Story

“ He’s come on in leaps and bounds at Underley: it’s the best thing ever.  I’m really proud of him.”  Niall’s Mum


Dylan’s Story

“I knew as soon as I arrived at Underley that it was absolutely the right school for Dylan.  The big wide open spaces outside, the classroom set up, and the welcoming atmosphere made me know that it would be perfect for him.”  Dylan’s Mum